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Is my general contractor licensed?

It is critical that you research any potential general contractors you are thinking about hiring to build or remodel your home. In addition to obtaining references from other satisfied customers, you need to make sure that the general contractor is actually licensed by the sate of North Carolina. We often represent individuals who have spent tens of thousands – and in some instances hundreds of thousands – to repair work managed by a general contractor who was never licensed in North Carolina. T...
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Is my non compete agreement enforceable in North Carolina?

Non-compete agreements are increasingly used by employers throughout North Carolina. They are most commonly used with key employees, such as executives or salespeople, to prevent them from going to work for a competitor and taking business with them. When an employee leaves his job, a valid non-compete agreement will prevent him from working for a competitor for a certain period of time, usually within a set geographic area. Non-compete agreements are not viewed favorably under North Carolina...
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